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About everything you want to know of making smart design in life


This space is born because I want to create a new experience in the topics of sustainability, circular thinking, frugality and ecology, focused on design. A space where we can comment, find clues, ask questions and constantly renew ourselves, even see the same landscape with different frames of thoughts. A space where an inclusive, creative and questioning culture is created. This is a space to discover abundance in frugality!


We are in the era where there is a lot of everything! Creativity will be our greatest tool, applying it in several forms such as: news, research, drawings, photography, experiments with materials and others that we discover along the way. There are many answers for the same question, so the idea is to find paths that each person can apply and fit into their personal puzzle. Here is a place to make collage.

Keep it simple!

Take away what is not needed and leave the essentials.


Let’s see what is happening in the world, from design news to interesting articles that complement our creativity, even inspire us. Some ideas are just in the next corner

Find here what interests you!

Frugal Designs

The combination of challenges and creativity are the best mix to find new paths in design. Everyday life presents new ways of solving our daily life in a frugal way.

Discover an ideas book!

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