Discovering Sustainability

About everything I want to know and the new ways of making design in life


This is a place born because I have many doubts, because I do not know all the answers and there is not a single way to do things.The goal is to ask, comment, find new clues and look for new ways of designing and living.I want to discover abundance in frugality!


There are many answers to the same question. Creativity will be my main tool, applied in several areas such as: news, research, drawings, photography and experiments with materials. Finding a new framework to work is my goal.

Keep it simple!

In my learning through this life, I have discovered that often the answer is in the simplest. You just have to observe


Every day things are happening in the world. From climate change to entrepreneurs who want to do something to change their realities and those around them. Some ideas are just in the next corner.

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Frugal Designs

Imagination, creativity, commitment and passion are tools to find new paths in design. Lifestyle changes have led me to rediscover my surroundings in a frugal way and redesign the articles I use every day. 

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Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

Albert Einstein

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