About me

Time to be creative!

My name is Diana Carey, I am a tireless seeker and dreamer. For what I love to learn, from studying engineering, surfing, to studying a Sustainable Design Master, I discovered that I love creating things, and making mental maps.

So from making my own designs to solve my daily life with cardboard, paper, fabrics, wires, and other materials, as well as drawing, they have led me to make sustainable design.

I am creating this page because I am interested in knowing and learning what is happening in the world regarding sustainability. From knowing what it is, to discovering how we can impact the world with smart designs.

I invite any curious and passionate of the subject to read my comments about the news I read, as well as other symphatic experiences that may arise along the way.

This is for me as a puzzel, and if you have interesting pieces to contribute, I would be interested to know more about them.

Please enjoy!

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